When you install and run PowerPanels for the first time, after you spend less then a minute on connecting to your system you are ready to build your reports and analyze your data. It takes you less then a minute to make a report and building a powerful interactive dashboards has never been easier.
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Why your company needs PowerPanels?

Starting from a single PowerPanels instance installed on a regular business laptop, you have the ability to analyze all your data without buying any additional hardware or software. When you have the need to scale up number of users, it is simple as getting additional licences and share existing reports and dashboards with new users.

You can connect to any data source and build complex reports without the need for OLAP server, even without the need of a data warehouse. However ff you have more complex needs or large amout of data, building data warehouse can take the load of your systems and make PowerPanels even faster and more powerful.

PowerPanels is a powerful Business Intelligence Solution which is built with scalability and growth in mind and is perfect for small to medium sized businesses. It gives you power to connect to any data source and process data on your own machine without the need of expensive hardware or software which is a huge benefit for small companies and "must have" for startups. With our easy to use report builder you can make reports in minutes and powerful dashboards let you interact with your data easier than ever.


Free download!

Take a free 21-day trial and see how PowerPanels can bring benefits to your organization. Get one or more licence keys for your team and for more extensive testing please contact us

  • Download, install and make reports in under 10 minutes
  • Works also on Mac with Parallel Desktop Get it
  • Volume disscount is available, please contact us for details
  • One year of free upgrades

Download TrialVersion 4.0.8

Interactive dashboards

Multiple data sources

Microsoft OLAP support

Product overview

PowerPanels is a business intelligence solution built to perfectly accommodate small to medium sized businesses in their reporting and data analysis needs. PowerPanels started as a full-featured and very powerful Microsoft OLAP client and has developed into a full-blown business intelligence system with it’s in-memory proprietary algorithms for fast data processing and reporting. Find out more by clicking here.

Future of PowerPanels

PowerPanels is on it's way to become one of leading technology companies in the field of business intelligence solutions. For early 2015 we are preparing to release PowerPanels Server which will bring PowerPanels to the Enterprise and enable you to schedule your reports and share them with anyone. Our PowerPanels solution including server and client applications will be infinitely scalable and will enable you to process huge sets of data and offer a truly real-time Business Intelligence system. Please check our roadmap and product details.

Help & Support

User help and support is everything in a business, no business can succeed without good communication between clients and server or product providers. We understand the importance of having a great user support and are happy to help you in any way we can. Please try us out, download our trial and contact us with any question or request you have and we'll be happy to help you ASAP..